Under the full moon with Jay Chou

Last evening, I spent Mid Autumn Festival with a couple special people – Tracy, Kelly, Chowpo and a very special idol, Jay Chou. It is Jay’s 6th show (Opus Jay World Tour) at Hong Kong’s Hung Hom Coliseum.

Compared with his last tour in 2011, Jay was a lot chattier last night. He wooed and flirted with the crowd in mostly Cantonese last night. It was a rewarding night for all his old fans. Jay delivered many old hits from his earlier albums. It was like one big karaoke night with Jay.

Despite the raving reviews from Beijing, Singapore and Taiwan, Jay’s vocal performance last night wasn’t his best. I hate to compare his voice with those contenders of China’s singing talent shows but he was not in his usual form. There were a couple of songs when Jay’s couldn’t even delivered smoothly. I believe he was exhausted after performing 5 straight shows. At some point, his voice was squeaking so softly that I couldn’t even hear him. The sound system was bad too. Also, Jay was trying too many roles – he wanted to be seen as a multi-talented artiste but I felt he should focus more on his voice rather than pulling up with new theatrical acts that dilute his talent as a musician. You simply cannot sing, rap, play instruments, act, beat-box and dance well at the same time.

On the positive side, the overall stage design, pyrotechnics and visual effects were good. This is one area where Jay beat the other artistes. The highlight of the night was when Jay sang a duet with the late legendary songstress, Teresa Teng. It was supposed to be an awesome union of 2 legendary singers. Unfortunately, Jay’s vocal let the show down. It was less of a harmonious duet; Jay just couldn’t keep up to the high notes with Teresa. What a pity.

Overall, I had a good time last night. It could have been better. Song after song, Jay triggered back many fond memories. This was certainly not his best performance. Despite this bad reviewJay is doubtlessly a very talented, original and explorative artiste. Afterall, his songs have accompanied me since 2000 and Jay will always be my all-time favourite idol.

Well, no encore for Jay’s concert last night. Nonetheless, this is one very special and memorable Mid Autumn Festival for me.

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