The day when Hong Kong Police betrayed its own people

Hong Kong is a different city today. 

After so many years of peaceful demonstrations, protests and rallies, 28-Sept marked the day when Hong Kong Police betrayed its own people. Instead of keeping order and protecting its people from harm, unarmed students and peaceful demonstrators were attacked by the police’s tear gas and pepper sprays continuously. Time after time, the demonstrators came back in force. These senseless attacks only fuelled the anger of Hong Kongers. It showed the weakness of Hong Kong government and its police force. No matter what happens in next few hours, the Hong Kong government and police may even win tonight’s battle but they have already lost the world’s respect.

I was shopping at IFC Mall this afternoon and there was a big crowd surrounding an electronic shop. On the big TV screens, I saw the tensions between the demonstrators and the police. Outside the mall, there were students holding cards asking the public to go to Admiralty to support their fight for true universal suffrage. Tracy and I decided to walk over to take a look.

Admiralty Hong Kong was in total chaos today. The demonstrators sat on key highways, locking down the financial district. Long queue of cars, buses and trams were forced to a complete standstill. Amazing, no one in the vehicles horn. At around 4pm, the first tear-gas was fired into the crowd. Tracy and I were standing about 800m away when thousands of people retreated towards our direction. I was wondering what caused the panic retreat. Just before I was about to go nearer to the conflict zone, the tear gas stung my eyes and throat. It was unbearable! We weren’t prepared for this.

The gas forced the crowd to retreat to Lippo Center. There, I witnessed a small tussle between the policemen and a large group of demonstrators. The policemen were violent and used their batons against the unarmed demonstrators. In the end, the demonstrators won and drove the policemen away. They managed to seal off another main road and a volunteer was seen maintaining the traffic.

Throughout the entire demonstration, the people maintained their cool and refrained from any violence against the policemen. A couple of volunteers were seen picking up trash on the streets and some were distributing drinks and food to fellow demonstrators. The demonstrators cheered one another and encouraged one another to stay united and strong. Together, they stood bravely against the senseless attacks. I was touched by their unity and passion. This is the never-say-die Spirit of Hong Kong!

I believe this is just the beginning of a long road to achieve true universal suffrage. And thanks for the calls and messages from my friends and loved ones from Singapore, we are perfectly safe and well sheltered. I am blessed to witness this historic moment and may God bless Hong Kong. My prayers are with all the young and brave students (and reporters) who sacrifice their time and safety to safeguard the future of Hong Kong people. Hang on, you are not alone, the world is here with you. You have made history today.

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people, said Alan Moore from V for Vendetta”. Hong Kong Police, did you hear your people sing? Time to remove your masks and gears and embrace your people. History has taught us that only peace, wisdom and love can win this war. Never violence and bloodshed. Stop attacking your own people and let peace opens a way for meaningful settlement.

Watch the live feed below:

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