The Umbrella Revolution (雨傘革命) – Day and Night

Oct 1st – Today is China’s National Day and it marks the 4th day of the Umbrella Revolution. The riot police has long left the scene. Ground Zero (at Admiralty) has been very peaceful for the past 3 days. It is a totally different atmosphere compared to last Sunday’s violent crackdown against the demonstrators. On the contrary, it is very difficult to find any policeman within the occupied zone. The occupied zone has since expanded from Admiralty to Wanchai and Causeway Bay. Over at Kowloon, demonstrators have also occupied key shopping streets at Mongkok and Nathan Road.

It is national public holiday today, Tracy and I decided to take a stroll from Causeway Bay to Central. As most of the main roads are occupied, we took the subway to Causeway Bay station. The train ride wasn’t as crowded as I have expected. In fact, things looked very normal underground!

The occupants at Causeway Bay are extremely friendly, peaceful and considerate. The demonstrators kept a wide walking lane for the pedestrians. It was a breeze to walk from Sogo to Times Square. Usually we would need to wait for the traffic light crossing, now with the roadblocks, traffic flow seemed smoother for the pedestrians. Shops were open and crowded with shoppers.

It is such a rare sight to see Hong Kong without cars. The pace is slow, quiet and very peaceful. The air seems fresher too! We saw many people walking on the main highway. Demonstrators, tourists and even families with children! Many came dressed in black with a yellow bow to support the movement.

Along our way to Ground Zero, we saw and learnt many great things. It totally changed my perception of a cold, commerical-minded, self-centered and vain Hong Kong. I salute those who stood there day and night, rain and shine. From distributing free drink and food to collecting trash, every one has a part to play. Already, the world has been writing amazing reports about Hong Kong demonstrators. There is a sense of strong integrity within this occupation. Demonstrators are wise and alert not to tip over the scale of this movement. They are watchful for suspicious commotions and undesirable intentions to unbalance this peaceful protest. There is no fear or panic, just smiles and love for the city. What we witnessed is the unity, the gracefulness, the calmness, the maturity, the bravery and the selfless spirit of Hong Kong.

The same spirit of solidarity can be witnessed online too. There have been dangerous voices for independence and the demonstrators rebuked those calls. Hong Kong students still recognise and respect China’s sovereignty. Many even asked western powers not to intervene as it will only invite more complications and slow down the progress of the negotiations. What the people want is true Universal Suffrage so they can have a say for their future. The demonstrators stay focused and united against all external distractions and interruptions.

This movement has bring Hong Kong people (overseas and local) together. And it will make them stronger than before. I am proud to witness this priceless historic moment. And very proud of Hong Kong people! You are clearly the world’s most polite, helpful, friendly, caring, disciplined, responsible and peace-loving demonstrators!

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