The Storm and the Peace

(Photo Taken: Typhoon Nesat, Central Hong Kong – Today is Hong Kong’s 1st typhoon off day in 3 years. The wind was really strong last night. At 3am, I was awaken by the broken glass outside my balcony. It was quite a mess! Fortunately…No work for now! I woke up at 8am to clean up the mess. Later at 8:45am, armed with my camera, I dashed out of my apartment to roam the streets with Harshad! Central Hong Kong is unusually calm and quiet on a Thursday morning. For one rare moment, the streets in the CBD are empty. It is such a joy to walk on the streets without anyone blocking your way. Buying breakfast is such a breeze too! No queue at my favorite 茶餐廳! I took an hour walk from my home to Central Pier, snapping the rare empty walkways of Hong Kong. A strange contrast indeed…in this world of storm and peace.)

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