First Love

There is a common saying that we will never forget our 1st love. It is true indeed. Yet, we often link our first love with our first boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife.

My first love is my dad and mum. It takes me many years later before I realised the depth of their love for me. Now, having a kid of my own, I see things very differently. I began to understand why my mum or late granny would like to call me day after day. I began to understand why simple dinner at home surpass the lavish holidays. Fatherhood does strange things to my life. It opens up my inner memory and shows me my childhood – those days I spent with my parents and those journeys we took as a family.

I have never thanked my dad for those daily rides to school and army camp. I have never thanked my mum for those words-of-wisdom she faithfully whispered to my ears day and night. There were so many things which my dad and mum did for me that nurtured me to the man I am today. My parents didn’t give me expensive toys or holidays but they gave the true gems of life – humanity, compassion, selflessness and love. These are precious gifts that passed from them to me and now to my son. I was given a kind and happy heart to lead my life. And now, a sensible and lovely boy who dotes on me.

Looking back our lives, there have been highs and lows, sad and happy moments. But I am always blessed by all their presence and love. Life can be unexpectedly short. It is the forgotten-yet-not-lost love inside our memory that lit up our hearts. My first love is never complicated or blind. They are my dad and mum. And I want to say “thank you very very much”.

(Enjoy these 2 touching commercials done by Ogilvy Thailand.)

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