Greetings from Home

One of the best marvels of technology is how it is able to connect hearts across oceans and lands. Video conferencing is so common and affordable now that it has become a basic way of life. Friends hugging friends online… and children waving at each other through wireless connection. Of course, it can never replace the real thing. Afterall, it is only a 2-sense (sound and sight) experience. (But again, we don’t taste our friends, do we?)

Just a while ago, I had our little "wahbiang gathering online" with some of my favourite wondergirls – Juliana, Kalinda and Tracy. Not forgetting Zach and Daddy Duuk. Chatting over the screen does has its advantages – At least, I can "verbally abuse" Queen Juliana without the fear of being "hit" by her. (Yes, I called her fat and I am still alive!) And I can see the new Dark & Sexy Kalinda up close and "personal" (intimately) without her feeling "disgusted". And for Tracy, she should be feeling damn lucky – cos’ she is spared today from Elkan’s gongfu kicks and punches. The best of all… you can get 3 girls hugging closely to fit into the 4:3 screen for a photo shoot! Now, that is tact-noorgy.

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