New Geek @ Work

Elkan has been trying to imitate me at work for quite a while. Often when I am not around at home, he would sit at my work-desk and pretend to be busy typing and answering phone calls. Playground and park are no longer his favourite haunt. Now, he looks forward to visit daddy at work – and terrorise all my helpless colleagues.  

After much consideration, I decided to give him his dream Hong Bao this Chinese New Year. I got him his first personal laptop! That will be a big relief to everyone in the household – Yeah! Our Macbooks are safe from his dirty oily fingers! Over the past week, Felicia and I taught him how to type, save, view images, play music, logon to Skype and surf the kids’ web (with supervision of course – The Kiasu Kiasi Safe, China-like Big Brother Overprotection Way!) Trust me, kids are excellent in such gadgets as early as 3!

Surely, he operates the laptop like a true-blue geek! Except this geek still drink from his favourite milk bottle! Urghhh…that is so mis-match and uncool! (For that reason, no Apple iPad for him! He will bring down the cult!)

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