A Toss to the Greatest CNY Dish!

Originated from China (Guangzhou) and reinvented (and made popular) by our Singapore Master Chef "Than Mui Kai" in 1964, the YuSheng is no doubt a must-have signature dish in CNY. More popular in Singapore and Malaysia, the name "YuSheng" is a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor. Friends and families gather together, tossing the "auspicious ingredients" in unison, wishing each other luck and properity for the coming new year.

Finally, after waiting for almost 8 days, we had our 1st 2010 CNY YuSheng Lunch at our favourite City Garden Hotel in Hong Kong. The clan – Scott, Tracy, Mike and Hong Fei flew back this weekend. Thanks to the good wishers – I just learnt the new "F-Word" of the year from Hong Fei and Harshad – 发ING You / Huat You!

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