Celebrating Ogilvy’s 98th Birthday

Yesterday was David Ogilvy’s birthday (23rd June 1911). If he is still around today, he would be 98 years old! He was a notable advertising executive. He was into many odd-jobs before he founded his company at 38. He was a chef, a farmer and a stove-salesman. And today, he was worshipped as the Legend of Advertising, "The Father of Advertising"! He passed away on 21st July 1999.

Of course, like most Ogilvy Day, we have our event outside the office. No pressure from the company this year, there isn’t any type of "mandatory team-building games" (last year, we saw broken arms at Outward Bound). This year’s theme is "Ogilvy’s Got Talent" – we are trying to find our own Susan Boyle. 2 years ago, we had the "Amazing Race" theme in Shanghai and my team came first. I say let’s bring on the THE OGILVY’S NEXT TOP MODEL or WHO WANTS TO BE THE WPP’s MIILIONAIRE? games next year.

Like any company dinner, we have great food, good entertainment and big big lucky draw. And yes! Lucky me – I won the 27th Prize! And it is a "SKATEBOARD CHAIR". What the hell was that???? For the first time, I have no idea what I won! Mmmm.. it sounded too alien for me. (I collected my prize this afternoon and I understand why it was named this way… see photo below!)

One Response to Celebrating Ogilvy’s 98th Birthday

  1. Rebecca says:

    so soon, Ogilvy day again….

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