MJ Lives On

8.25am, 26th June. I was scanning through the list of headlines on my iPhone in my daily morning routine when I read about the passing of my favourite King of Pop. It was an unreal moment – I didn’t really believe in what I just read. I went on to another news portal and read the same news about the death of Michael Jackson. For the next 5 minutes, I stood quietly under the shower head. Just don’t know why… I felt really really sad. It was like saying goodbye to an important chapter of my childhood. The hot water rained down from above….One of his songs, "Childhood", played in my mind…

Michael Jackson had an extraordinary life. Off the wall, Michael’s life was a Thriller (his battering childhood), Bad (cosmetic failure) and Dangerous (court cases about his child-molest case). He went from black to white, riches to rages and from famous to infamous. He was the King of Pop, the Peterpan of his own World. His journey from fame to shame reflected the same fate of his country, America. He was the glowing pop icon of a superior America in the 1980s-90s. And he had his darkest hours in the late 90s-mid 2000s. It just makes me wonder how closely he and his country were connected. His passing only reminded us of American’s plight today – A metropolitan losing her shine and her meteoritic star dying. He was the man who wrote his own HIStory

His sudden death will sparked off a wider outcry. Much bigger than Princess Diana or even the Pope himself. Turn on any broadcast device today and you will hear his songs, watch his dance footage. On the cab to work today, the radio was playing his song. He was the Original King of Pop. His music connects the world, across all religions, races and ages. Millions grew up listening his songs. For me, his concert at Kallang Stadium was the first and biggest concert I have ever attended. That was a historic concert. It was the concert when 65,000 fans sang "Happy Birthday" song for him! Michael shed tears that night at Kallang. The next night, Michael collapsed and cancelled his concert in Singapore.

Like most Legends, Michael Jackson lives on. His songs, his moon-walks will be icons for many generations to come. And like most Legends, he died young. He still have so many more good years to give. And more blissful moments to spend with his own children. And heal our world.

Just like what he sang in his song "You are not Alone", Michael left this world, accompanied by a very sexy Charlie’s Angel, Mary Farrah Leni Fawcett. It will be very difficult for many to accept the news of his death. His legacy will forever lives in our hearts. His music have engraved deeply in our minds. A sad day indeed and a night when millions will think of him before they close their eyes to sleep tonight. RIP, my King, you are Invincible.



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