Elkan’s Award

Something that will put a smile on my parents, my in-laws and my aunt amy’s face. Yesterday morning at 10am, we attended Elkan’s 2nd Award Ceremony in Hong Kong. And this time, it was held at HK Polyechnic University at Hung Hom. (My gosh! At the University????) Wow, it was more "dramatic and grand" than I have expected. Earlier this week, I thought the kindergarden award will be presented at his school.

Big stage, red curtains and a marvellous performance by the little kids – this is the kind of award ceremony venue we been through when we picked up our degree scrolls. My gosh, it was a grand gala for these little ones. They can sing, dance and even addresse the audience. I would say, what an interesting Sat morning!

There were 5 awards (Most Cheerful, Most Artistic, Most Helpful, Most Well-Mannered and Best Progress) for every level (K1 – K3). Haaa.. my son didn’t get the artistic award. Instead, Elkan won the "Most Cheerful Award" in his course. Guess his teacher is pretty positive about his noisy pranks and talkative-behaviour. If only my teachers were that positive, I would have swept those trophies for my folks every year. Yeah…My son beat his old man’s record. I brought home my first gold trophy when I was nine. Proudly, he brought back 2 this year.

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