Most Wanted Man in HK

Yesterday, Mark 6 Jackpot hit HKD38 million! Someone in my department suggested to gather a pool of bets. Each of us paid a small bet of HKD75, hoping for a return of HKD2.8 million each (if we strike jackpot). David, my boss is regarded as the "luckiest man" in our office. Thus, we voted for him to be the one to place that "winning bet" for us. Worried that he may run away with the winning money, we decided our contingency plan 5 hours before the result. At 5pm, I started printing and pasting his poster over the office. (Guess what, he didn’t see that until much later! Haaaa….)

Did we win? No. We bought 10 numbers… only 2 came up. Sigh….Kaninah!

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