Birthday Boy in Town!

It must be telepathy… a kind of feeling I cannot explain. Strangely, I have been missing Shanghai so much over the past 1 week. And it was so bad that I said that to at least 6 Shanghai friends over MSN this week. 2 nights ago, I was lying on my bed, closing my eyes. In my mind, I could feel the cool Shanghai breeze. I saw the usual streets I used to roam… and the Shanghai new airport terminal. Just then, Elkan climbed on top of me and whispered this to my ears "Daddy, I want to take aeroplane." he whined.

"To where?" I asked.

"To Shanghai ah…" Elkan snapped. 

What a strange coincident – I was dreaming and missing Shanghai and a second later, my son spoke to me about taking a plane to Shanghai. I asked him, "Why did you mention about this right now? Why Shanghai? Why not Singapore or Korea?"

"Dun know. I think I want to go Shanghai and play.." he answered. "Remember the place we always walk, daddy?"

What a strange coincidence, I thought. The next morning, I shared this encounter with Tracy on the cab to work. She kept very quiet. She just told me that we should go home early tonight for dinner. Maybe at Soho. 

Normally, I don’t call Hovman in Beijing. But strangely, I called Hovman yesterday and today. What a perfect timing, he reminded me that 4th March was Francis’ birthday (and added that 8th March is his!). Gosh! It is Francis’ birthday! Instantly, I made a birthday photo card with Tracy in the office and emailed Francis. Today, I wanted to chat with Francis over MSN but couldn’t find him. I also kinda miss my "quabbling days" with Echo…wanted to call her but I was caught in some meetings.

At 7pm, I was wondering why there is no SMS from Felicia today. I tried calling her at home and at her mobile. No answer.

Just then at 7:20pm, Felicia called. She told me that Elkan and her were right outside my office and Elkan is shitting in his pants. Thinking it was that "Soho Dinner" thatTracy mentioned earlier this morning. I rushed to my office door. And I saw this old BENG of mine standing out in his DKNY Black Jacket…grinning at me with his sly face! FRANCIS CHAY????????

I am so delighted to see him here! I looked around for Echo and Grey… For that one moment, I couldn’t care less about the environment. It felt so much like home. I invited them into my small office (of course, there are many colleagues around – Elkan ran around the office greeting everyone!). I put them in the conference room, waiting for Tracy.

What a great weekend! And I know why I miss Shanghai so badly this week. Cos’ somewhere deep inside, I know Shanghai is coming to me.

It is telepathy. It is more than just 6th sense. It is simple happinese.

Happy Birthday my friend. Thanks for your presence!

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