Sally & Jack are Here!

Guess what? Francis and family aren’t the only one this week! In fact, Cousin Leon and Kelvin were here too! And we have another couple old friends from Singapore too! Meet Sally and Jack (our 47th Visitors)!!! We did invited them to join our Sat program but they have been to those places we wanted to show Francis and gang. The great thing was Sally and Jack stayed in Mong Kok too! So, we decided to meet them for dinner on Sat night (at a really old-looking 大排檔 at Temple Street). The food was not cheap and as good as what Gareth said. And Jack even caught a "fly" on our fried noodle with his deadly super-fast fingers! Haaa…

The couple left for Macau today (as they are taking their flight via Macau Airport). They both sure came at the best time – Hong Kong’s temp went down to 12 this weekend! Nice cozy weather, despite the dizzle.

Opps.. Anyone see Elkan? He should be in the photo…

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