72 Hours of Reunion

1ST-8TH HOUR – Friday morning – Disneyland! Francis, Echo and Grey not only brought us their warmth and joys – they brought in the "Shanghai Rain" to Hong Kong. On Friday, Felicia and Elkan joined them at Disneyland. The weather wasn’t that bad – judging from their photos here.

23RD – 24TH HOUR – Sat Morning – The gang came and visit us at our house! Francis is CERTAINLY the 1st (and possibly the LAST) visitor who requested to see my carpark! Instead of enjoying himself at my beautiful clubhouse, he went to the carpark and snapped photos of those expensive cars. Mmm.. his love for cars have reached a "dangerous stage". More than just a "second wife"!

25TH – 36TH HOUR – Sat Afternoon – Francis hasn’t been on a double-decker bus since schooling days back in Singapore! So, today, we decided to give him a "refreshing bus ride" to Stanley Market.

36TH – 42ND HOUR – Sat Night – We had dinner (where Gareth recommended) at Temple Street and later late-night shopping at Mong Kok! I was looking for my lens and he was looking for his "guns". Very poisonous hobby. (Gosh! We reached home at 1am!)

54TH – 68TH HOUR – Sun Afternoon – It is the trio’s last day in HK. Time passed so quickly. In less than 4 hours’ time, we will bid farewell to our buddies. Francis woke up very early today and strolled around Mong Kok (Haaa.. and he ""kena" spotchecked by the local policemen! Can’t help launghing, he shouldn’t be doing that – cos all the shops aren’t open that early! No wonder he is a suspect!) Of course, he was looking for his poison – car parts!

69TH – 72ND HOUR – Sun Evening – Another teary goodbye for Elkan… Despite his "last horrific Mike Tyson experience" with Grey, Grey starts to adore Elkan a lot. Throughout this trip, Grey "monkey see & monkey do" Elkan. Like his idol, Grey wants to possess Elkan like his very own toy. He was following Elkan, grabbing him around. Of course, Elkan "disliked" that compelling attention from Grey. When it was time to say goodbye, Grey wanted to drag Elkan with them into the departure gate. Once the trio were at the gate, Elkan broke down by his mother’s side – "I want to go with Grey Grey…I like him…and his Disney Luggage too."

Another beautiful weekend. I am such a lucky bastard, said Joanne. Oh yes, Happy Birthday Hovman – if you are reading this.
Suddenly, I start to miss Shanghai again.

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