Stormy Week

It has been stormy and windy over the last 10 days in this part of the world – Typhoon seasons. I have just caught myself in action – traveling to Taipei on Friday – during the same time Typhoon Kalmaegi hit Taiwan. Surprisingly, the flight wasn’t as bad as I expected. Still, the landing was dreadful and unbearable. For the first time in my life, I saw lightning within the clouds on the plane. It was really bright and "sparky". And never I heard rain beating so hard on the outer shell of the air-craft. It was a nervous 5-minute decent.

Over in Hong Kong, the past week was wet and stormy. It is a frightening sight during stormy nights. We have never seen such "bright lightning". The rainy clouds can be so low and thick…like the movie "Fog". (Photo taken from Elkan’s bed – at 2am).

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