Goodbye “Hai Yue” (Back-dated Blog)

Finally, PCCW activated my broadband and cable TV yesterday. I am able to upload some of my back-dated blogs.

In fact, there is only one blog that I would like to upload here. It contains one of my most precious and unforgettable moments of my life in Shanghai. For my past 2 years, Hai Yue Gardens has been the place we lived. It is the place where I welcomed 60 over visitors. It is also the place where Kalinda, Joanne and my family spent a great deal of time in.

I am sure many of you missed the old warmth of my old Hai Yue Gardens. Here are the last look of the place.

Left: Gone are Joe’s toys…                                   Right: Elkan’s sofa bed was given to Francis.

Left: 67 8-Days Magazine!                                   Right: Elkan did it again (with his metal head!)

One Response to Goodbye “Hai Yue” (Back-dated Blog)

  1. Diane says:

    I will miss it too … Sobz! It’s always be a part of my memories. Thanks Joe!

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