Leon Meets Elkan

Yesterday, I had a surprise visitor. Cousin Leon, my 2nd Visitor, was in town for only 1 short day. Leon only called me at 2pm and we met at 2:50pm (how last minute!) Most importantly, it is a very significant visit for him. Leon visited me 3 times in Shanghai but he never gets the chance to meet my boy. Poor timing I say, Elkan was in Singapore when Leon was in Shanghai.
Finally, two of them met yesterday afternoon and both of them clicked like old friends at the very first second. “Mmm…this gor-gor look very nice”, Elkan smiled. “Mmm…and you also smell very nice.” Haaa.. Elkan was referring to the strong perfume Leon was wearing. Man. he was so full of praises for Leon. Unlike his usual shyness towards stranger, Elkan was very friendly and held Leon’s hand throughout our 3-hour outing.
At 4:30pm, Leon left for Xiamen. We sent him off at the HK Express Train Station. Elkan asked Leon “You must come and stay at our house.”
“Elkan, Leon is flying off now” I said. Elkan gave a disappointing look and sighed
“Then, you must promise to visit me 2 more times, okay?”
How sweet and charming his words are! Guess this meeting is worth-waiting afterall. 3 years…it is never too late to know one another – between uncle and nephew.

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