An United Collage for 2009 (Updated)

TALK ABOUT LOVE – There is never a better way to start the 1st blog of 2009. It is indeed a great way celebraing 2009, having all my friends’ wishes here.
It was a simple idea and calls were made across the globe – to Shanghai, Beijing, Jakarta, Venice and Singapore. Took me only 20 minutes to verbalise the idea to all of you. Best of all, you guys were just so sporting! Thanks for your efforts, creativity and time to do this for me! Great new year spirit and I do enjoy this togetherness and unity! As promised, this is what you want for 2009! May your dreams come true! Enjoy the pixs! (For those who want to send me "your want", please email your pix to my hotmail! More wishes to come in the next days).

p/s (Man, I am down with a lousy fever and bodyache for 2 days liao.. .hope it is not some birdflu)

One Response to An United Collage for 2009 (Updated)

  1. miCki says:

    wah… looks like the 1st top wishes is MONEY!!!… hahaa…

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