After 2 days of attempting "self-heal", I gave up and headed for the doctor (after much nagging from the people in the house). It was a lousy feeling. I thought I could overcome this "normal fever" (er…..until it hit a constant 39 today) by drinking lots of water and fruits and taking regular Panadol. I never like taking anti-biotic, that is why I refused to see the doctor. But it was so bad this afternoon that I have to leave work early for home to seek help. (Just in time, my Admin Manager passed me the 2009 AIA Clinical Card this morning!)

The bad fever or bodyache isn’t due to birdflu or the common cold (and it got nothing to do with the Korean Trip too!). It is "Tonsillitis" – an old enemy since teenage days. Consistently, this enemy will knock on my doors every Feb, May and Sept. But since the last 3 years, he hasn’t come back to haunt me this much. To seriously get rid of him is to go for surgery to remove him for good. But then, I need him too – cos the tonsils act as part of the immune system to help protect against infection. In particular, they are believed to be involved in helping fight off pharyngeal and upper respiratory tract infections. (Okay, I plucked the last line from the net…haaa)

I should be well again over the weekend…since I am not doing "self-heal". Darn, I should have done that 2 days ago (when it was still a good 37s)!

2 Responses to Recovery

  1. chay says:

    err you need Zitromax. And anti infective from Pifzer quite easy 1 dose daily for 3 days.

  2. Stella says:

    woah..that’s pretty high, man! you betta get some rest & recover soon, ya! hopefully before this Saturday comes, sia! (you know what i mean..) drink more water & rest ya! Pray that God will heal you & strengthen you fully! God Bless & blessed New Year 2009!

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