I hate spring cleaning.
My uncle and aunt from Canada are in town. Mum called and said they may be visiting my place. Thus, I spent my lazy Saturday and Sunday cleaning up my place. Somehow, I can never complete my spring cleaning. While doing so, I revisited some of those "memories" that I have kept in my storeroom.
It has been almost 10-15 years since I last touched them. The old letters, photographs, gifts and diaries… Instead of the planned 2-hour cleanup, I took more than 2 days going through all these mementos.
I read some of those letters that my friends sent me, the diaries I wrote and old photographs I shot..I realised there is a big gap between my past and my present. I have changed so much… my character, my personality, my tone and my heart. Somehow, while going thru all these past memories, I started to miss a few loved ones – especially my late granny…I couldn’t help but feeling tears built up in my eyes…recalling her smiles, her voices and the last moments I spent with her before she passed away.

The feelings are just so bittersweet… Nostalgia (never felt it for so long)….a mixture of sadness, happiness, sweetness and bitterness. For that moment, I couldn’t pack my room anymore… there are just too many things for me to ponder… I have indeed changed so much… I almost forget about myself as a child, as a teenager and as that young man that granny used to remember.
Looking back at my old self and the soul that is breathing inside me right now…I am completely a different person. Time not only aged my looks, it also molded me – my life and my beliefs. I dun know if it is good or bad… Certainly, there was a part of me that isn’t here anymore.
Was playing Jay Chou MTV… one of his songs caught my attention and moved me. Really, the gift of life isn’t measured in dollars and cents, title or status… It is what your mind and heart contain at the final second of your journey that matters.

我會發著呆 然後忘記你  
想著那一天 會有人代替  

我會發著呆 然後微微笑  
又想了一遍 妳溫柔的臉  

心理的眼淚 模糊了視線  

I love spring cleaning.

4 Responses to Nostalgia

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  2. PeACEMAKER says:

    Have you preserved the handwritten letters of yesteryears? It is a great wealth. If you are living away from the home, a certain fragrance or a song hits you so hard, it takes time to come out of its spell – ie nostalgia.
    Nice family.

  3. Big says:

    Hey Natty…good to hear from you! It has been over 2 months I seen you on MSN… Sure! Send me an email.. 🙂 Oh yes, I told my wife about you and your kids.. She can’t wait to see your kids’ photos.. Haaa…my wife loves children… Send me some daily live photos of you and your family!

  4. Unknown says:

    Hi Joe, how’s things? I’ve just got back to civialization after months. So much had happened and we’re all going bonkers here. Hahaha! I’ll drop an email soon to update you. Have a good week.

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