Back to Norm

Finally, all that excitments, fun and refreshing feelings have gone stale. Life is slowly getting back to norm. The gatherings, shopping nightmares and karaoke session we had at Shanghai are still very fresh on my head. And the thought of working and doing business in Shanghai is so so strong.

There are so much things to do when we came back. Unpacking our bags, sending our winter clothings to the laundry..Next day at work, I have so many clients to catch up – quotations, invoicings etc. Next, Tracy, Joanne and I started our own shopping spree at IT Show… spent about $4500 in total in just 2 days! We bought a digital LED printer (OKI) for Caffeine, a 5-megapixel camera + 300G harddisk for myself, a VIAO laptop for Joanne and a MP3 player for Tracy! (Now, my office room is equipped with all the new IT "blink-blink" gadgets!)
Richard and Randy were also away to Bangkok (while we were in Shanghai). So, the whole gang kinda gathered on Friday. Richard bought me a sexy underwear (it is so yucky to be honest!). I feel like wrapping that thing over his head!
Sat nannies are back. Meijie, Juli and Duuk came over – watched our Shanghai video / pixs until 3am.  
Today is new Monday blues…strange… Mmm.. time to sit up and get work moving. Yah, perhaps, I should start planning another holiday trip this May. I need to take a break from my breaks.

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