Travel Blog – Shanghai Day 5-6

Today is our last day at Shanghai. Very fast, our journey is coming to an end. Today, we decided to revisit those places that we want to visit – for last-minute shopping, sight-seeing and visiting friends.
The clan finally made their first trip to Pudong, Jinmao. My cousin Yei came and brought all of us up to the 54th floor of Jinmao – where everyone can take a bird-eye view of Shanghai city. After bidding farewell to Yei, we moved over to "Chen Huang Miao" where we bought a couple of gifts for our friends.
We came back at 5pm. Our fellowship is officially dispersed. First to leave us was Kalinda. She came back, took her barang-barang and left for Beijing. The rest of us went for a nice dinner at "Jade Garden" and later, karaoke. Francis and Echo joined us after sending their parents off… We sang until 2-3am…We then walked Francis and Echo home…and left their house (with Tracy) at 4am.
Next to depart is Hovman. He will be leaving for the airport at 6am.

Now, it is 4am. We are not sleeping. We will be leaving for the airport at 1130am later. So, the gang is packing up their stuff in their own rooms. We will be going out later at 5am – to visit Shanghai’s Wholesale Centre at "Qi Pu Lu" – to do our final shopping..  
In another 9 hours, we will be flying off this city. Just now, in the cab, Felicia said to me that this is a great trip – with the right mix of people + the right mix of programmes. We had shopping, wedding, relatives-gatherings, old friends gatherings and business sessions. I am so happy to meet a couple of old faces in this trip – Ong Yei, Leon, Francis, Echo, Richard. They are all staying in Chinai… it was their hospitality that touches our hearts.
6 days are never enough for a vibrant city like Shanghai. We need at least another 10 more days to really experience Shanghai life.
No doubt Shanghai welcomed us with her bitter cold weather. We are leaving Shanghai with warmth in our heart.  

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