Burj Dubai – The World’s Tallest Building


Officially opened on 4th Jan 2010 – The Burj Dubai is now the tallest skyscraper, surpassing Taipei 101 (509.2m) 40% taller at 828m! Not only it is now the world’s building, it also holds the following world record – Highest Mosque on 158th floor, Most Floors (160 in total), Longest & Fastest Elevator Travel Distance and 10 others records. At 828m, the new Burj Dubai is 276m taller than the Victoria Peak of Hong Kong. It won’t be long before we build a building into space.

Since we can’t beat the world in height (also fear of Osama crashing planes into skyscrapers), perhaps Singapore should build the world’s deepest building. And then we can have our own world records – like the world deepest Kopitiam Shop, the lowest and fastest free fall elevator drop, the deepest hotel/zoo/barbershop/temple/ERP of the world. If not.. we should attemp the world’s longest building (linking all 42 lorongs of shophouses in Geylang!) Let’s think big, long and deep.

Enjoy the spectacular opening ceremony!

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