Enjoy 360° DIY VR for less than 10 bucks!

Move aside Oculus Drift, Samsung VR Gear and Sony HMZ VR, Google just made VR an affordable gear for everyone. 2014 marks the year of limitless virtual reality!

A few months ago, Google launched a DIY VR headgear made of corrugated paperboard. Introducing the Google Cardboard, it is an open platform that allows anyone to create their own virtual reality headgear. For a production cost less than USD5, this will be one amazing marketing tool for new brand engagement and experience.

I managed to get my hands on one last week via eBay. Just like those given out during the Google I/O conference, the Google Cardboard was delivered to me flatten. Looking at the low-grade paper materials and plastic lenses, I was skeptical about the virtual experience. It took me about 2 minutes to form the box. Once I turned on the Google Cupboard app, inserted the smartphone into the slot and looked through the lenses, the VR experience was indescribable amazing! Using the phone’s gyroscopic sensors, I was teleported into a different world. The perfect combination of smartphone’s gyroscope and 360 imagery technology opens up a brand new world of possibilities in virtual entertainment. It is a big leap for virtual reality. This simple DIY device put all the expensive VR gears and brands to shame.

The possibilities are simply endless! Forget about watching 3D/4D movie on a flat screen. Just imagine watching a movie right inside the scene itself. Pan your head around and you can choose where to see or walk alongside with the characters. Try imagine diving with the National Geographic documentary crew in the dark abyss or watch a magic performance live right beside a close-up magician. For hardcore gamers, imagine playing soccer on the pitch or taking cover in a cross-fire battle in the street.

The only setback is the imperfect phone-screen pixels and the limited iOS VR apps. With newer and more high-definition screen resolution, this can only get better! It is difficult to express the level of excitement. Seeing is believing. Go try it to experience!

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