The Walks of Love

I missed those days when we spent time strolling in the park. This afternoon, we went to Victoria Park to play football with Elkan. There were many people at the park – couples, maids, young family with their toddlers.

I was enjoying a peaceful and quiet time at the park when an old man broke the silence, he yelled rudely, “Try harder. Take a step out. Stop telling yourself you can’t do it. Being here in the outdoor is good for you!” He was trying to get his wheel-chaired wife to step out of the chair. Step by step, he was pushing her, shouting at her to move on. I can see the strain on her face. She struggled at every step. Not once, she replied him. She just kept trying.

At times, love comes in the most unexpected form at different steps of our lives. The old man didn’t sound lovely but I guessed this was the way he cared for his wife. Perhaps, he was trying very hard to keep her strong by using those harsh words. When she almost slipped, he gave her a hug and helped her back to the chair. His stern look instantly became gentle. For that one moment, I saw the love in his eyes for his wife. That expression was unforgettable. He broke into laughter and held her hand… “See, you can do it.”  A heart-warming love story just played right in front of our eyes. And it was a very touching moment.

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