Secrets of Hogwarts Revealed (Harry Potter Studio Tour, London)

My friend Agnes is right. Recently, she went to London and she blogged an amazing post about the Harry Potter Studio. We decided to put this as our 1st stop in our 3-day London trip. What an amazing we had!

Opened on 31st March 2012, the 150,000-sqft Harry Potter Studio just welcomed its 1st Millionth Visitor today! (Damn, we just missed hitting the jackpot!).  Just like what Warner Bros Studio promises – Secrets will be revealed. For the first time, fans of Harry Potter have the chance to go behind-the-scenes and be on the sets. This is the same studio where the sets were built and shot. These are the REAL STUFFS – real props, real costumes and real settings! I find it very fascinating to be in the same space where they shot all the movie scenes. It is enchanting!

What’s amazing is the personal digital tour guide. For a rental fee of £5, each of us were given an iPod Touch device. It is more than just an audio guide. It has lots of rich media content such as video and interactive maps for the user to navigate and interact. Very interesting and user-friendly indeed.

Be prepared to spend more than 3-4 hours exploring every space, the studio is big! The tour is free and easy – you can explore around at your own pace. There are lots of details here to be discovered. Look out for the superb craftsmanship and efforts behind the making. You find yourself immersed in many familiar sets and iconic props. And for as low as £12, you can ride “digitally” like Harry on a magical broom (in front of a green screen of course – with wind blowing in your hair to enhance the flying experience!). It is something we can’t resist!

The souvenir shop is just as amazing. There are so many movie-replicas that you can purchase – Wands, broomsticks, swords, sweaters, hats, chocolate frogs, accessories and even the horcrux which Harry destroyed in the movie.

For the sake of many others who are planning to visit the studio – I shall not disclose too much here to avoid spoiling the key surprises which the studio intended for its visitors. No photograph or word in this blog can replace the real experience. It is best to discover them for yourself. It is 100% worth the visit if you holidaying in London (and you are a Harry Potter fan). It is simply magical! (Note: Tickets must be booked in advance at Adult: £28, Children: £21)

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