My Daddy

I was feeling sad today. At the departure gate, I was trying to hide my sadness from my dad. I really wish he can extend a day or two. I wish we can have more time sharing our stories – just like the old days at the old flat at Eunos. Over the past 5 days, I showed my dad my life in Hong Kong – my home, my office, my friends, my life – where I work, where I shop, what I eat and where I party.

This is one special trip that I have been looking forward to for the longest time. For the last 10 years, I have neglected my dad. Ever since I had my own apartment and working overseas, Daddy and I hardly have time for one another. We met up every time I went back to Singapore but our contact time was so brief. My daddy has suddenly aged a lot over the recent years. Unlike my chatty and mischievous mum, Dad is usually a fatherly figure of little words. Nevertheless, he is one person I miss so dearly. (Mum and wife are going to be jealous reading this!)

It took me many months (and countless rejections) to get him to visit me in Hong Kong. Daddy has phobia traveling alone. (In fact, this is his first solo flight without any friends or family! I am so proud of him!) I didn’t invite anyone but my dad for this trip as I wanted an exclusive “father-&-son” bonding time with no distraction. I was so happy when my dad finally agreed to take leave from his volunteer work to spend 5 days with me in Hong Kong!

Over the past 5 days, we went to many places. It is Daddy’s first trip to Macao, Shenzhen and Dongguan. We watched the “House of Dancing Water”, gadget-hunting at the IT Malls at Shenzhen, partied at Dongguan, 7am 5km hike, dolphin-watching at Tai-O and visited the “Big Buddha” at Lantau Island. I rediscovered so much things about my dad. From hiking to parties, my old man is 200% fitter than me. I had difficulty keeping up with his pace. He sleeps only 4-5 hours a day. He does hiking effortlessly and he can hold his liquor much better than me. And yes, my Daddy is still so charming with his jokes, tales and singing.

It was an amazing reunion. And I really enjoyed every minute of his company. There are words that my dad never tell me. That night at the pub, he told one of my friends many great things about me. Moved by my dad’s words, she came over to tell me what he said. I was so moved to tears.

Dad, thanks for being so proud of me. And I love you too. See you soon.

2 Responses to My Daddy

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  2. Julien says:

    Very touching comments, Joe, thanks for sharing it. All the best to your dad, and dad-son tie!

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