Visiting the Ghost Village of Wong Shek

Yesterday, Tracy organised our 4th Sunday hike. This time, we traveled up north to Wong Shek Pier (黃石碼頭) and hiked the 3.5km Wong Shek Tree Walk Trail. (Check out our trail here:

Located at the most northern parts of the New Territories of Hong Kong, this area was filled with hikers and picnickers. There is a direct bus (698R) from Taikoo Shing to Wong Shek Pier Bus Terminal. (The returning bus ride took almost 2 hours!) Unlike the previous 3 hikes, this is a gentle tireless hike with good combination of water, trees, rocks, streams and swamps. There were a few cows wandering freely in the park and that explained why our path was littered with piles of cow dungs. We have to hike carefully to avoid stepping on them. Harshad, Tracy, Elkan and me went off the main path to check out the mini creatures at the mangroves.

There is an abandoned “ghost village” at the end of our hike. The human occupants were long gone and the vacant buildings are now home to a group of wild monkeys. Gone were the old road, leaving only poles of old rusty lamp-posts, outlining its previous path. The entire compound is now taken over by overgrown grass, shrubs and bushes. This must be a big difference from its glory days in the 60s.

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