Find Joe (on HK TV News)

THANKS TO ALICE – She spotted me on TV News yesterday after and recorded it for our pleasure. It was a lousy Christmas Day. Felicia, Elkan and me were supposed to go over to Macau to meet up with Auntie Amy. However, Felicia bought us the 1am tickets instead of the 1pm tickets! Worst of all, there was a big crowd and there were a lot of chaos and confusion. Unknown to us, there was a ferry accident in the morning and many passengers were stranded (due to a delay of the ferries). I was walking out of the crowd when the camera caught me. We lost HKD800 for the wrong tickets but that place me a 3-sec fame on HKTV.

For some reasons, Auntie Amy didn’t buy my story. So, this is the best evident for her! We did try to go over. Haaaaa…

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