Boxing Day Party

26TH DEC – We threw a "Boxing Day" party at our house! The party supposed to start at 2pm and to end at 7pm! Guess what, we extended our programs till 2:30am! It was good timing for Tracy – as she just arrived from Taipei this afternoon!

We kicked start the party by contesting each other in our 1st Bowling Competition! We spilt ourselves into 2 groups and fought against one another – for a mere cash prize of HKD140 (pool cash prize). In the end, it was the "Under-Dogs" who walked away with the cash! Needless to say, Hong Fei, Sherry and me were the losers.

We went back to our house at 4pm for our mini luncheon buffet. It was indeed very challenging to pack the small tiny house with 12 people (including 2 very hyper-active kids!). At 6pm, we played our "Secret Santa" game and most of us guessed the right wishers – except for Felicia and Harshad. Poor Zeph, he was the most pro-active and supportive friend in our "Secret Santa" game but Kitty didn’t turn up (due to some injury) – therefore, he is the only one who left without any xmas gift. Poor chap. (Let’s skin and steam that cat on Monday!)

Later that night, we went over to Megabox for our midnight movie "Sherlock Holmes". While waiting for our movie, the group got bored and did something spontaneous – we went ice skating at 11pm! It was our first ice-skating experience in Hong Kong – and it was Harshad’s virgin touch on the ice! For the first time, I saw Harshad so terrified and helpless. We were all laughing at his panic state! Clearly, none of us are good in this. Hong Fei and Tracy didn’t really skate – they did stunts on the ice – both of them were trying to outbeat each other with fancy falls. Trust me, they purposely went for the falls.

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