Wetland Park (Hong Kong)

Thanks to Harshad’s latest buy (he finally got his new Nikon DSLR) – we planned our first "semi-professional photography trip". Finally, I found the right occassion to bring out my paparazzi-look-alike 100-400mm Canon L-Lens. I spent quite a bomb on this lens and I only used it thrice. It is a very heavy lens and not ideal for our usual weekend activities. And what is the venue this time? Well, it is another 1-hour bus ride up north – to the Hong Kong Wetland Park.
We were so excited and looking forward to visit the park. Afterall, it is very highly publicised and we wanted to visit this place since last year. We have all visited Singapore’s very own Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and would like to check out the Hong Kong version. 

The Hong Kong Wetland Park is situated just opposite a big housing estate. Somehow, the surrounding reminds me of our own Seng Kang/Punggol Estates. Compared with our very desserted & 95% truly natural Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, the Hong Kong park was way way too crowded and artificial. To me, it is a pretty modern wetland. It looks too tidy and man-made. Perhaps only 15% of the entire place is natural. Nevertheless, it is very pretty tourist/family/kids/old folks-friendly. Just not bird-watcher/photographer-friendly.

This is a park for wild birds and swampies but I feel the viewing towers and swamp walking platforms are built too close to the wild life. Despite many signs telling the public to keep quiet, the kids and adults were way too noisy. Therefore, I dun get to see many birds / wild life. In fact, there were more pretty girls than birds to ogle at. This isn’t an ideal place for Harshad to test his new camera. We all agreed that the Hong Kong Island Park at Admiralty has more birds than here.

Well, all of us did enjoyed ourselves. Tracy, Harshad, Hong Fei, Felicia and myself were tigger-happy. I managed to bring home some good shots of nature.

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