Sai Kung

Our trip to Sai Kung was filled with many uncertainties. First of all, we have no idea where is the place. Or what to expect. Best of all, we have no idea how to go there. By MTR, Taxi or bus. In the end, we took those hell-rider-mini-buses there. (Why hell-rider? Beisde the speed-breaking rides, those mini-bus drivers are one of the rudest people you find in Hong Kong. Certainly not tourist-friendly.)

It was a great trip. Throughout our 60-minute journey, we were "teleported" into another era of Hong Kong. It looks so different and very undeveloped. Yet, it has its own unique character of charm and beauty. It has a mixture of mini Taiwan-Malaysia-Vietnam. For those back home – think Changi Village-cum-Pulau Ubin. The funny part is "Sai Kung" to a Hokkien sounds like "Shit Hole".

Right after we alighted the hell-ride, we saw an interesting water feature. Man, I love those gigantic paper boats. It made such great first impression. I wanted to put Elkan in one of those paper boats and snap a photo of him inside. But my uncooperative (super Kiasi) son backed out last second! (Of course, he created a commotion and made me look really stupid in the water!) 

At the waterfront
(where you find a row of seafood restaurants), we saw many boats lining along the jetty. It was an interesting sight. The buyers were standing on the jetty, pointing and bargaining. The sellers were standing clamly on their rocky boats, fishing and showing their "live products". This reminded me of the "Floating Markets" of Thailand, but a smaller and systematic one.

As it was early, we walked around this small rusty seatown. We even checked out the property prices here. Verdict – Not cheap at all. However, all of us do agree that Sai Kung is a good place for retirement (it is so slow and peaceful). 

Dinner time – I turned to my most trusted travel bible. Lonely Planet recommended the "Grand-Daddy of Seafood" – Cheun Kee Seafood. We tried it and it was so-so. Honestly, the fish didn’t even taste good at all and it was expensive. So far, I haven’t try any seafood better than the ones we had back home in Singapore or Malaysia. Maybe we didn’t know how to order the other "exotic-looking creatures". Confirm: No more HK-style seafood for me anymore.  

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