Senseless Killing. Mindless Leaders.

I have just watched a very disturbing DVD. These images are real and the butchering is taking place right now "THE COVE" may be this year’s most sensational activist documentary against dolphin-killing. It may be also the biggest talk-about documentary after "The Inconvenient Truth" & "Fast Food Nation". You get to witness the darkest and most ugly secret of Japan – The Untold Story of Taiji – a small fishing town that slaughtered 23,000 dolphins every year for all the possibly wrong reasons. What shock me most is the hall of "leaders" – who are given power and the authority to act against such cruelties – talk with little action against those who defended their senseless acts. Clearly, we are living in a diplomatic world – a world where leaders no longer stood firm on one side of belief but in grey zones of conflicts. My doubt is – if we cannot solve something so basic and small, how can we entrust and empower leaders with bigger issues?

This is more than just a story of innocent killing of dolphins. It reveals the stupidity of how nations and "authorities" handle worldly issues. For every conflict out there in this world – we employed a bunch of idiots (great speakers) to defend and justify their acts with a loadshit of research and claims. We then table those issues in all types of mediums / media and we wait …and wait for another to act (before we react to their acts). Leaders are only interested in doing things right and no longer doing the right things. Even a domestic divorce today fully occupied our minds of getting the right "processes, procedures and documentations" that we ignore our fundamental skillsets of managing a broken relationship / family.

Gone are the days of TV – which government used to broadcast their scripted content into our minds. Gone are the days when we only rely on 2-3 channels for opinions and info. Yet our reaction speed to resolve issues are still hindered by so many "secret agendas and untold objectives". It takes one day to start a war but it take another 10 years to end it. Which school of thoughts of calculation do leaders rely on today in making their final decisions? Perhaps a good PR speech and lots of data.

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