The Pool, The Food & The Show (Updated!)

This is my "Weekend Family" in Hong Kong. 3 different nationalities – 4 Malaysians, 5 Singaporeans and 1 super-attractive Indian pal. Ever since the kids started taking Sunday Morning Swimming Lessons, we have been making a point to gather every Sunday. The mothers will be watching over their children (and those young 6-pack half-naked instructors) at the pool, the fathers will be sitting ducks at home chilling out (I mean the air-cons). Handsome Scott and Chubby Harshad are still recovering from their hangover. And Bunnie Tracy still lying in her cozy nest (with her butt up!)

Today, the whole clan decided to have our 1st Vegetarian Lunch at North Point. And later at 5pm, thanks to Scott’s request – we watched our 1st "CATEGORY III" movie in 3D. Very disappointed – it is not the infamous HK Category III softporn but some really sick Hollywood bloody title – "Final Destination".  

We are in our last few "hot-&-humid" weekends. The typhoon season may be over soon. So is Summer. Already, the weather is getting slightly cooler as the days go by. So fast, we are already in Autumn. Workload is starting to get heavier soon.

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