My Charmed Guru in Singapore!!!

Thanks to Harshad, his presence in Singapore has prompted a couple of "firsts" within my old Wahbiang Clan. First, we have never feast so much "local food" within 1 short day. Second, we experienced a couple of "firsts" with Harshad – like our first "Duck Tour Around Singapore River", "Get Drunk at Orchard Towers", "Shampoo-cum-face-wash at Siglap" and "Shopping Merlion Lighters that come with Titanic Music at Suntec!" Thanks goodness, we weren’t "made" to shop at Mustafa at 2am, tour Night Safari, Merlion-Hunting at Sentosa and 360 ride on the Singapore Flyer with him.

For Harshad, I am sure he has his own share of fun and nightmare. FUN – he has a beautiful tour-guide Joanne who loves his company so much that she took leave on Monday just to bring him around. He has a good photographer Joe who art-directed him on every touristic shot! He has a group of drinkers who brought him to club at the notorious, sleazy Orchard Towers! And he has sexy Ida dancing with him whole night long!

NIGHTMARE – Poor Harshad (who doesn’t eat alot) – he was "forced" by me to try all the Singapore’s local delicacies within 1 day! From Ya-Kun Kaya to Katong Laksa to Jumbo Seafood Chili Crab, he had to down all these sinful Asian food! And at night, I arranged my Wahbiang Clan to "drunk" him. One by one, Joanne, Yixi and Meijie "bottom-up" with him. (We forgot he is an Ah-Nei, it took a while before we saw any effect on him!)

Overall, we had lots of fun with Harshad. Guess Meijie and Joanne loved him so much that they sent him right to the airport! Wow… Meijie never even did that for me! Wonder what kind of charm my Indian buddy has on Chinese… his magic and charm worked in DGSZ and SGP. In just 60 hours, Harshad met my close friends and family (my aunt/cousin/parents). He not only stole my son’s love in HK, he also won the hearts of my buddies and families in Singapore! Well done, GAD!

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