My Birthday Countdown

Today, I received 2 super early birthday presents in Hong Kong! First, it is my "X-ray Report" results! Unknown to my old folks back home, I actually sprained my back while loading the heavy luggages off the cab. Worried that my mum or aunt would nag at me, i endured the pain throughout the 3 days there. The pain got worse after I came back to Hong Kong. I couldn’t even sit or sleep. On Tuesday, I went to see the doctor to get my back checked! And today, the doctor gave me a "green note"! There is nothing wrong with my back bones, just some soreness that will go away in the next 7 days! 

Today, my lovely team at OgilvyAction celebrated my birthday! And I was showered with so many huggies and kisses (haaa.. I forced upon them!) One of the biggest surprises was my birthday gift! The team passed me an envelop excitedly and kept prompting me to open the gift. Thinking it was a "massage voucher", I opened the envelop and found a cut-out Sony PS3 photo. "Yah right, funny…" that was what I said.

Tracy and Nelson were yelling at me to look into the envelop. Inside, there was a receipt for 2 PS3 games. I was laughing "WHAT? You guys got me PS3 games??? Hello… I am a XBOX user at home…" And Tracy came and kept pointing to the receipt… "Look carefully again!"

OH MY GOSH! Right at the end of the receipt, it read "SONY PS3 80GB CONSOLE BLACK"!  I went crazy and started hugging everyone… (Hong Fei said I started "molesting people" in office!) This is indeed one of my "most wanted gadgets" in 2009! I can’t wait to run over to IFC to collect this playset and then to HMV to get a BLUERAY disc!

A very big THANK YOU to all who love me so dearly! It is not the prized gift. It is the thoughts and efforts you put in for me…and knowing what I really like. 🙂

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