48 hours before my Birthday – Macau Surprise!

It was 48 hours to my birthday and the folks in Hong Kong decided to give me a surprise trip to Macau. Haaa… actually, Harshad kinda leaked the secret the night before. He didn’t know Tracy and Hong Fei were planning a surprise trip for me. (Even my wife at home trying to "act blur" too!)

One of the greatest surprises at Macau was meeting an old friend from Malaysia – Jeff Teo! He is an awesome magician who performed in my trade events last year in Beijing, Hong Kong and Zhuhai. It’s great meeting him again! (See one of his best tricks here: CLICK HERE) 

Jeff hosted us at Macau Tower (the world’s 16th tallest tower at 338m). This is also the world’s tallest bungy jump site at 233m high. What I love was the "see-through glass walk" – I am sure Gareth will be freak out! Walking on a glass floor, looking down from 233m high was such an experience! I never felt so good! Elkan and me were jumping on the glass floor! The rest were looking at us with fear in their eyes! Haaaa…especially big men like Hong Fei and Harshad! (and Felicia and Sherry too!) Timid Pigs!

Remember I bought Tracy her birthday gift in Singapore by treating her to our very own "reverse bungy" at Clarke Quay? Now, she is taking me bungy jumping in Macau!! Unfortunately (and fortunately), I am still nursing my broken back….so I didn’t perform the birthday dare yesterday. (Haaaa…. if not of my broken back, I would have jump off!) Since it was meant for my birthday "joy", my 2 favourite buddies, Tracy and Harshad decided to perform on behalf of me by attempting the world’s tallest sky jump off Macau Tower at bone-breaking speed (233m to group zero within 16 seconds!)

(1) BEFORE THE JUMP – Tracy and Harshad gearing up!

(2) WAITING AT GROUND ZERO – All of us couldn’t wait to see them fall…

(3) NOT "LADIES FIRST" – Harshad came down with his eyes closed!!!

(4) TOO FAST FOR ANY SCREAM – Tracy only screamed after she landed. Retard.

The jumps were successful…no one pee in their pants! The only one incident that nearly had Harshad shitting in his pants was when he found out that Hong Fei left his bag (with money and passport) at ground zero!!! Hong Fei was supposed to safekeep Harshad’s bag but he left it out there in the plaza (and we simply left the place for about 30 minutes!) It was only seconds before we board the cab, Harshad realised he wasnt holding any bag! That must be a "ball-dropping" moment for everyone! "Oh no… my passport is in the bag!" exclaimed my indian friend. Tracy, Harshad and me ran back to the plaza (Thank goodness! we saw his black bag lying on the concrete floor out in the sun!)

Later the evening, we headed to Venetian Casino where we spent 4 hours dining and gambling… Except for the Singaporeans, this was the group’s first visit to the Venetian. And our first ever bet on the tables at the Macau Casino! We were winning at first but eventually we lost to our own greed! Guess we cannot accept winning. We only quitted when we lost. No pain… it’s still a great adventurous day!

One Response to 48 hours before my Birthday – Macau Surprise!

  1. pinoyleonardo says:

    This is the place we missed going to in Macau – The Venice-like river!

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