A Letter from the Police


Yesterday, Felicia’s mum received a "Letter of Advice" from our Singapore Police Force. Mmm.. what kind of advice leh? It seems that someone from their household made nuisance calls to 999. Of course, everyone living in the household is a suspect – that means you have Feli, Stella, Chups, Feli’s mum and Elkan. If you look at the timing, everyone should be at home (so, it is difficult to prove their innocence). Here are my prime suspects:

a) Chups – She is in her peak of puberty. I suspect she likes talking to man in "uniform". Come on, admit it!
b) Stella – She complains a lot. Maybe she decided to make an issue to the police.
c) Mum-in-law – She is forgetful. She may want to call out a mobile line but forgot that she has dialed 9 twice.
d) Felicia – She is forgetful too..thinking I have gone missing..and called the police. Dear, I didn’t come back with you to Singapore, remember?

Anyway, it is convenient to have a baby boy at home. So, all fingers pointed at his cute angelic face. Hey, it can’t be Elkan, if he is guilty, I am sure he be calling 999 more than 20 times in a row. Better check with his school, are they teaching young children how to make police call now???

I am thinking if Elkan is going to take the blame next month if Feli’s mum receives a bill of sexy chatlines.

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