A Blissful Weekend in Singapore

This must be my shortest home trip since 2006.
And what a blissful and back-breaking weekend – 1 wedding and 1 baby shower (coincidently, all TP friends!). Right after we landed and checked into the hotel, Tracy, Harshad and I rushed to see Zach at Juli-Duuk house. Haaaa… Zach is so so like Duuk! Hairy and strong. A pity that we couldn’t stay long – as we have a wedding dinner to run that night! 

The venue of the wedding dinner was so special – it was an outdoor garden wedding held at my old Temasek Polytechnic. Facing the scenic calm Bedok Reservoir, Boi and April’s solemnisation took place under a beautiful sun set, on a full moon evening. It was beautiful. "Back to where it all began" – the title of their wedding card – deepen the meanings of having their vows in the design school compound. This was the place where they first met, courted and fatefully married. It was also the place where I made many of my best friends till this very date.

It was more than just a wedding dinner. It was a good reunion with my design friends. Friends from all corners came and united on this very special date. I met the old girls and boys from my class (Bread, Diane, Vivianne, Zan, Cecilia, Christina, Iris, MC, Joey, Nelson, Winfred, Steiner, Teck, Dominic and Sherry) For the first time, I met Martin‘s Japanese wife. And for the first and possibly the last time, I heard Randy sang Chinese Song on the stage. He can really sing!!!

In short, this wedding will be my most enjoyable one. (I coined this the Temasek Idol Night – you have so many great performance on stage!) For a very long time since our last Wahbiang wedding, never has another wedding dinner left me with such great joy and warmth. Maybe it was the venue. But it was certainly the friends around me that night. To reunite with your old classmates, attending a garden wedding dinner, exactly 10 years later at the very same spot where we all last seperated, was just so meaningful and magical. A short reunion but a lifetime remembrance.

Congrats to both Boi & April and Juli & Duuk.

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