The Making of “Lionnel & Joey” (Teaser)

Behind every love story, there is always a twisted version. The minute I received these candid photos from Joey, I decided to publish them into a beautiful movie storyboard. I thought of an uncanny tale of a “38-year-old golden virgin” and “Sinderella” plus “hangover”. Surely it is one epic love story – as twisted as Twilight. Your hearts & show must go on. I bet Lionnel and Joey are speechless right now (after seeing this stunning post on my blog!). 

Meeting Scott’s Special One

Today is a very special day for one of my brothers. Scott, my dear playboy comrade from Singapore, married Zoe – a very beautiful, caring and loving girl from Hong Kong. This is one special day that I have been waiting for a long long time. Life is just full of surprises. This is the reason why God brought Scott to Hong Kong. “It was so unreal, I couldn’t believe Scott’s finally married”, I told Harshad and Tracy at the church this morning. For so many years, Scott has been waiting for that very special girl. I guess it was a Scott-Joe Curse, none of his previous girlfriends he introduced (to me) last long. They were great girls but they weren’t fated to be his special one. So, I made a pact with Scott 2 years ago when he tried to introduce his new girlfriend to me. I told him “Bro, I am not going to meet your girlfriend. I will only meet your wife!” 

This morning, I finally met Zoe for the first time. There she was, walking down the aisle with her daddy. Zoe is gorgeous and wonderfully beautiful. There is something about her. She is certainly the one who is able to tame this brother of mine. Scott and Zoe are perfectly made for one another. I feel so happy for both of them.

Something else in the church caught my attention – a statement marked on the side of the matrimony desk. It says “This Do in remembrance of Me.” A simple vow that marks the beginning of a great journey of will, commitment, strength, faith and love. The statement reminded me of the day when Felicia and I said “We Do” – Scott was there for me. And now here, my heartiest congrats and wishes for Scott and Zoe. And may you two remember this special day and time – 11:45am – your new chapter begins.

40 Hours of Echo

40 hours of Echo – Just 10 minutes after I said goodbye to Tracy at the airport, Echo arrived! She filled my quiet weekend with lots of chattering, shopping, eating, sake-drinking and wee hours category III movie! (Hahaha, she wasn’t that delighted when Harshad and I got her to watch 3D DG-style porn with us last night!) Can’t believe we did so much during her very very short visit! I managed to convert her to switch to Android platform. And she saved me from burning a big hole in my wallet when I almost bought that “magical HKD36,000 fish” today. Good to have Echo around when Baybay is away. Now she is back in Shanghai. Waiting for the next Echo, my friend!

Weekend Escapade with Gareth (Pearl River Delta)

Gareth will be surprised to see this blog and all these photos the minute he touches down Singapore. (Good heavens, he is still in the air and I have another 30 minutes to finish uploading this post!)

It was a sinfully long weekend for 2 of us! Sloth, greed, lust and gluttony! We managed to cover all 4 key Pearl River Delta sin-cities within 4 short days (starting with Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Macau and Zhuhai)! What do you expect from 2 most notorious pranksters? It was an awesome escapade of some really hot and heart-pounding actions! We had one of the best brothers’ moments in years!

First stop, we took a bus to Shenzhen for a nice clean spa treatment at our favourite joint “Gold Coast”. We had a sweating good time! Gareth indulged himself in some soothing hot-stones massage while I played table-tennis with a couple of young Chinese dolls. (It was Singapore versus China. Not bad for me, I managed to win a couple of matches for Singapore! Of course, some cried foul as I won over small petite girls.)

Next morning, we took a boat to Macau. This is Gareth’s first visit to Macau and Zhuhai. I promised to bring him to all the newest and biggest casinos. It is the best time to get my dear brother “high”! The devil inside me included another evil itinerary for my good old brother. Knowing Gareth has acute height-phobia, I tricked him to Sky-Walk at the Macau Tower. I wanted to drag him out on the ledge for that “priceless photo moment”! He was about to experience / overcome the fear of his lifetime!

Well, Gareth did completed the Sky-Walk. Shamefully, it didn’t go exactly the way I planned. Gareth walked inside while I took the ledge outside. He broke into cold sweat and he escaped a few minutes before the stunt! In the end, he forsaken me and I have to complete the sky-walk alone. Remarkably, he was able to overcome his fear and walked near to the glass panels to snap some good photos of me. For that, I forgave him.

We didn’t have much luck in Macau. Gareth has absolutely no “Beginner’s Luck”. We did a quickie on the betting tables. We lost everything in just 15 minutes. Thanks goodness, we limit ourselves to just HKD100. Next, most of the places we planned to go were either closed or fully-booked. We have no luck with the Ice World (the show was over) and House of Dancing Waters (tickets sold out). Even the pole-dancing strip bar was closed (before 11:30pm)! In the end, Gareth and I went to catch a very good movie “The Bullet Vanishes” at Galaxy Hotel. Just when we were to leave Galaxy Hotel to our next joint, we bumped into our Secondary School friend, Minjuan outside the toilet! Trust me, it was an amazing moment! And Minjuan’s first words to me were “Why are you still here in Macau? I thought you were here last week?” (mmm…she saw my facebook and blog posting, I guessed. Not sure if she was sent here by my wife to spy on us?)

Having no luck in Macau, we headed for Zhuhai the next morning. There, we found our little shopping paradise! We shopped the entire day. Gareth bargained hard and we managed to get a lot of IT accessories at very attractive prices. We also bought stuffs for our little boys back home ~see, we are such lovely dads. In the evening, we went cycling by the beach park and played an hour of table-tennis back in our hotel. What an unusual vacation itinerary for 2 obese men. Dinner was at a local Chinese restaurant where we had very authentic Singapore craypot Bak Kut Teh! We chilled out at Starbuck Cafe and spent the rest of the night at a local massage parlour.

It was a superb brotherly bonding time for 2 of us. Short, packed and rush but we had so much happy moments together. We chatted so much about our families, careers and the usual men’s stuffs. I am looking forward to our next brothers’ gathering. And next trip, we should get more brothers to join us! Thanks Gareth for the great company! Enjoy the photos and short video! (Haha..Just in time before Gareth touches down at Singapore! )

Australia Trip Video HD (2011 June)

Yes, I know it is one year late. I have been too lazy to edit and put these footages together. Here is something special for the family (and Lionnel’s girlfriend, Joey! Now, you know what you have missed! You should see how Lionnel was tortured by Tracy at 5am at Gold Coast!). Guess it is a good feeling to watch this video 1 year after. Well, at least it is nicely edited and it is in HD quality! So enjoy.

The Big Reveal – The Making of Women Generation and Super Senior

I am sure the new members of Women Generation and Super Senior are going to slaughter me for this post. Remember the fancy photographs in my earlier post? Now, revealing the secrets of “digital cosmetic surgery” makeovers (by Kalinda, Mann Chuan and Felicia). From these “behind-the-scene” images, I was very impressed by the level of re-touching! I can imagine the amount of coordinations and hard work put in by the clan to create the birthday cards. Once again, thanks guys for your effort and tireless photo-shoots. I am sure you had lots of fun doing this! At least, the makeover experts did you justice… I can see all of you had a pretty convincing and fancy upgrade! These are superb face-jobs! Really, I start to believe we can create our own S-Pop soon!

Enough said, see the “before” and “after” touched up works below. (Gosh, my head looks really tiny there…like one of those escaped alien convicts from MIBIII.)

Funtastic Party with “Women Generation and Super Senior”

Yes, you read it right. It says “funtastic”. Great fun and tasty BBQ by the beach, this is an unforgettable belated birthday bash with my very own newly created W-Pop Bands – Women Generation and Super Senior! (That is the power of great cosmetic surgery and photoshop skills!) All thanks to my sweet and lovely Wahbiang buddies and family, they organised a “surprise” party for me this evening. (Supposed to be a foolproof surprise party for me until a few accidental leaks of information to me last week. It wasn’t difficult trying to piece all the missing puzzles together.)

This is my 1st birthday celebration with my Singapore’s family and friends since 2005. Gosh, I have been away for such a long time. They put in so much effort just to make this a special occasion for me. 1 week before this big day, they conspired over hundreds of whatsapp messages. It was a well-organized party – great food, great company and very very special birthday gifts.

Most importantly, we had great fun together. My friends are like my very own family. They complete me. They are  my most important asset. They are always there for me whenever, wherever I need them. I am very blessed with their presence and love. Despite my absence, they keep the clan intact over the past 7 years. Many of them put in extra effort and flew in to spend many important occasions and festives with me overseas.

So, bear with me with the long “Thank you list”. Thanks for all the hard labour and good spirits. Thanks for spending your precious Sunday with me. Plus the wonderful and special birthday gifts. Karen, we love your chicken wings! And your excellent skills controlling those young rebels. Auntie Amy, you should really consider starting your own BBQ bean-curd business. They are really tasty! And if you do, I will fly home to help your business! Charlie, thanks for bringing in the food and got drenched in the thunderstorm. Jimmy and Gareth, thanks for the great brotherhood love, be it here or in China – and keep it that way. Joey and Meijie, thanks for babysitting Elkan and me from Friday to Sunday, enduring all the late nights (oh yes, thanks for stopping my impulse purchase of another Apple product). Kalinda, thanks for the beautiful songs last night! And remember our next trip to you-know-where. And not to forgot to thank you for keeping those cards safe and dry. Joanne, thanks for capturing this evening’s beautiful photos (you have redeemed your fiasco on my wedding proposal night when you shot blank).  Juliana & Duuk, thanks for participating in the evil plan of the card making. It will take me quite a while to reset my beautiful impression of my favorite K-pop idols. It took me so long to identify you Juliana – must be a big cosmetic job. Tracy, your AR Drone is superb! Well tested and flown (up to 6m high). The drone frightened the old boys for a second but it is a great gift! MC, it is great seeing you after 6 years! You never aged! And I look forward to see you out there with me! And sister, thanks for the great gift! Exactly what I wanted to get 3 days ago. Last of all, thanks my wife for the card designs, cosmetic works and fine touch ups. You have given us stardom! Thanks for enduring my years of nonsense and snoring. And not forgetting the children for destroying the bedroom, in exchange for the peace they gave to their parents. (The younger boys did a great job for inspiring Elkan to cycle. Now, he can ride a bike finally!)

Enjoy the very exclusive limited edition “Super Senior and Women Generation” pictures. Till we meet again.

24 Happy Hours

Just when I least expected… I received one of the most special birthday gifts of my life – presence of my loved ones (My 139th and 140th new HK visitors – Chester and his friend)! Thanks for making my day so special and unforgettable. I am touched by your blessings and love. Just like what I wrote in my last blog post – “It is never about the gifts I received. It is about the people I love and miss most. It is their presence I long for.” Thank you very very much!

You are the best gifts of my life

Thanks to all the great birthday wishes I received last year, I had the happiest and the most fulfilling year of my life. 
Looking back at all the past year’s blog postings and photographs, I was blessed by all the love showered by God and my loved ones back home. Be it work, love or family life, it has been a colorful and amazing year for me! Every day is a new gift for me. There is always something new to look forward to.

Despite away from home, I had many great reunion times with my wife, son, father, mother and friends. From my last birthday celebration in Gold Coast to icy cold Christmas at Harbin, I have visited many new places with my favorite travel-mates (Kalinda, Tracy, Meijie, Felicia, Elkan and Harshad). Many friends flew in regularly (brothers like Gareth, Francis, Jimmy, Desmond, Meijie, Cousin Bin and Yei) to light up my lonely weekends. 2 visitors I missed most are my dad and mum. In their presence, I felt like their little boy. For some strange reasons, I miss their nagging. It is a great feeling to roam the streets with them, have dinner together and live under one roof. Thanks to my mum, she has been imparting family recipes to me during my past visits back to Singapore.

Whenever there is reunion, there is goodbye. I have a love-hate relationship with both Changi and Hong Kong airports. Despite so many years and countless farewells, I admit it is not my strongest attribute. I still find saying goodbye difficult. Especially to my son and wife. (mmm…also my dad and mum too!)

Thanks to all my friends in Hong Kong, they made me feel at home. My clients and my colleagues are wonderful friends. Not to forget that I have the 2 most faithful and supportive souls around me everyday – Harshad and Tracy. Gosh, I see both of you every minute of my life for the last 3 years (okay, maybe not for Harshad.. Sorry that I abused you badly at work.) Back in Singapore and Shanghai, I have a group of friends that I can 100% count on. They are always there whenever I need them.

Looking back at all my birthdays. It is never about the gifts I received. It is about the people I love and miss most. It is their presence I long for and not the presents they give.

It is my birthday today and I want to say a big thank you to all of you. Thanks for filling my days with so many colorful memories, tons of whatsapp/QQ/Facebook messages. You are one of the key reasons why my blog exists! Thanks for being there with me during my low and high periods. Thanks for being there with me virtually, physically or sometimes durianfully. Thanks for understanding me so much (in fact, I don’t quite understand myself as much as you do). And thanks for remembering my birthday (even though quite a few of you sent me greetings 2-3 days earlier..including my mum!) You are the best gifts of my life. And thanks for another 365 happier days.

Happy Bobo Day!

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