24 Happy Hours

Just when I least expected… I received one of the most special birthday gifts of my life – presence of my loved ones (My 139th and 140th new HK visitors – Chester and his friend)! Thanks for making my day so special and unforgettable. I am touched by your blessings and love. Just like what I wrote in my last blog post – “It is never about the gifts I received. It is about the people I love and miss most. It is their presence I long for.” Thank you very very much!

4 Responses to 24 Happy Hours

  1. Leander says:

    Sorry I actually posted a link instead of writing a comment LOL. You can ignore it. I just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog! I love the polaroid collage you posted in your blogs. You do all that in PhotoShop? I use an app on my iPhone called TurboCollage, but yours looks so much better 🙂 Keep up the blogs. Greetings from Holland!

    • Wahbiang says:

      Hi Leander,

      Thanks for your good words and tips. I am using a free Google software “Picasa”. It is fast and very user-friendly. (I used to spend hours in Photoshop but with Picasa, I used only minutes to compose the layout.)

      Thanks for your recommendation too. Will take a look. Have a great week!

  2. Leander says:

    Hi, I enjoy your blog! I love the poloraid images you post. Do you do it all in Photoshop? I use an app on my iPhone called TurboCollage. Greetings from Holland!

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