You are the best gifts of my life

Thanks to all the great birthday wishes I received last year, I had the happiest and the most fulfilling year of my life. 
Looking back at all the past year’s blog postings and photographs, I was blessed by all the love showered by God and my loved ones back home. Be it work, love or family life, it has been a colorful and amazing year for me! Every day is a new gift for me. There is always something new to look forward to.

Despite away from home, I had many great reunion times with my wife, son, father, mother and friends. From my last birthday celebration in Gold Coast to icy cold Christmas at Harbin, I have visited many new places with my favorite travel-mates (Kalinda, Tracy, Meijie, Felicia, Elkan and Harshad). Many friends flew in regularly (brothers like Gareth, Francis, Jimmy, Desmond, Meijie, Cousin Bin and Yei) to light up my lonely weekends. 2 visitors I missed most are my dad and mum. In their presence, I felt like their little boy. For some strange reasons, I miss their nagging. It is a great feeling to roam the streets with them, have dinner together and live under one roof. Thanks to my mum, she has been imparting family recipes to me during my past visits back to Singapore.

Whenever there is reunion, there is goodbye. I have a love-hate relationship with both Changi and Hong Kong airports. Despite so many years and countless farewells, I admit it is not my strongest attribute. I still find saying goodbye difficult. Especially to my son and wife. (mmm…also my dad and mum too!)

Thanks to all my friends in Hong Kong, they made me feel at home. My clients and my colleagues are wonderful friends. Not to forget that I have the 2 most faithful and supportive souls around me everyday – Harshad and Tracy. Gosh, I see both of you every minute of my life for the last 3 years (okay, maybe not for Harshad.. Sorry that I abused you badly at work.) Back in Singapore and Shanghai, I have a group of friends that I can 100% count on. They are always there whenever I need them.

Looking back at all my birthdays. It is never about the gifts I received. It is about the people I love and miss most. It is their presence I long for and not the presents they give.

It is my birthday today and I want to say a big thank you to all of you. Thanks for filling my days with so many colorful memories, tons of whatsapp/QQ/Facebook messages. You are one of the key reasons why my blog exists! Thanks for being there with me during my low and high periods. Thanks for being there with me virtually, physically or sometimes durianfully. Thanks for understanding me so much (in fact, I don’t quite understand myself as much as you do). And thanks for remembering my birthday (even though quite a few of you sent me greetings 2-3 days earlier..including my mum!) You are the best gifts of my life. And thanks for another 365 happier days.

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