Rooooaarrr….My name is “Made in China”

(Photo Taken: An installation art by Chinese artist Sui Jianguo – Harbour City, Kowloon Hong Kong –  China has been producing million tons of toys for the world. Sadly, many consumers do not remember the brand names of these Chinese-made toys. What consumers constantly see is the mark “Made in China”. Sui Jianguo’s inspiration came from the tiny toy dinosaurs that are mass-produced in China. He transforms these cheap, plastic objects into a monumental work of art. Since the words “Made in China” is more recognizable that any other Chinese brand names, Sui decided to name his iconic dinos “Made in China”. These “M.I.C.” dinos aren’t cheap at all. In 2008, the gold Dino was auctioned for HKD650,000. Now, that is quite a massive name.)

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