Meeting Scott’s Special One

Today is a very special day for one of my brothers. Scott, my dear playboy comrade from Singapore, married Zoe – a very beautiful, caring and loving girl from Hong Kong. This is one special day that I have been waiting for a long long time. Life is just full of surprises. This is the reason why God brought Scott to Hong Kong. “It was so unreal, I couldn’t believe Scott’s finally married”, I told Harshad and Tracy at the church this morning. For so many years, Scott has been waiting for that very special girl. I guess it was a Scott-Joe Curse, none of his previous girlfriends he introduced (to me) last long. They were great girls but they weren’t fated to be his special one. So, I made a pact with Scott 2 years ago when he tried to introduce his new girlfriend to me. I told him “Bro, I am not going to meet your girlfriend. I will only meet your wife!” 

This morning, I finally met Zoe for the first time. There she was, walking down the aisle with her daddy. Zoe is gorgeous and wonderfully beautiful. There is something about her. She is certainly the one who is able to tame this brother of mine. Scott and Zoe are perfectly made for one another. I feel so happy for both of them.

Something else in the church caught my attention – a statement marked on the side of the matrimony desk. It says “This Do in remembrance of Me.” A simple vow that marks the beginning of a great journey of will, commitment, strength, faith and love. The statement reminded me of the day when Felicia and I said “We Do” – Scott was there for me. And now here, my heartiest congrats and wishes for Scott and Zoe. And may you two remember this special day and time – 11:45am – your new chapter begins.

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