Dumplings Mates

It has been almost 4 months since Harshad visited our apartment. Usually, Harshad visits us when Elkan is in town. Last evening, out of the blue, Tracy decided to invite Harshad to our house for dinner. She was preparing a big feast in the kitchen. Okay, not really a “big feast” but she was preparing Harshad’s favorite dish – Dumplings! Out of curiosity, I asked, “What’s the occasion? Harshad’s birthday is not here until end August…” Being Tracy, she replied candidly, “He just won an award. Let’s celebrate for him.” 

When Harshad turned up at our door with premium desserts, he was pretty surprised. In his usual greeting “Wow…What’s up guys?”. I snapped “Cos’ you just won an award and now I have nothing but dumplings for the whole weekend. Thanks, buddy!” Looking at the many many dumplings leftover in my fridge, I guess I am going to have dumplings for the next few days. (Congrats my buddy for kicking start the award season in Asia! Great Stuff!)

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