The Great Fakes of China

I remember an amusing story about a Chinese father
who bought a Husky puppy from a local pet shop as a Christmas gift for his daughter. A month later, their neighbors called in the police to complain about the dog’s late night howling. It was only then the father realized he was ripped off by his despicable country mate. What he got wasn’t a pure-bred Husky. It was no Husky at all. The pet shop sold him a wild wolf! Imagine that…the pet shop owner actually caught or bred wolf to sell as Husky. (Personally, I would have thought the wolf worth more money that the Husky!) I can’t blame the poor father – Husky and wolf look pretty similar.

Just 3 weeks ago, news about the fake “Apple Shop” in Kunming surprised everyone how serious piracy has become in China. The Chinese has gone beyond imitating goods. Now, the pirates are also imitating the brand experience and services! This morning, Felicia messaged me another fake-look-alike store in Kunming. This time, it is about a fake Ikea.

News from China always amuse me. The Chinese did it again! Nowhere else in the world except in China where you uncover so many bizarre news. Few years ago, the Chinese (without any notice) fired a missile up into space to blow up their own weather-satellite. Of course, that made the American very worried – now that the Chinese has the sole capability to fire missile into space. But the Chinese leader explained causally to the American “Don’t worry comrade, that was no weapon of destruction at all. We just find it cumbersome to bring our satellite back to earth. It is just a simple device we used to do some house-cleaning in space.” The underlying message (or subtle warning) to the American was “Time to move your spy satellite elsewhere. Stop peeping on us!”

Now, the great fakes of China are surfacing. It is incredible! From fake melamine-laced milk to the recent exploding watermelon, the Chinese are just so good in reverse-engineering. (Fake eggs, fake Disneyland and more!) And just 3 months ago, there was even fake ATM machine! Chinese has already mastered in controlling the weather – fake rain, fake snow. It won’t be long before the Chinese flies fake airlines. Who knows, maybe the Chinese isn’t interested in landing on the moon. They are planning to orbit a new moon (with Chang-er and bunny) up in space! Here are some of China’s great fakes.

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