My 33rd Big Day

I spent the 1st 30 minutes of my 33rd birthday (last night) working (on a Taipei project). My wife, Tracy and friends were at home playing mahjong. At the stroke of 12am, 4 of them were yelling and wishing me "happy birthday" – er…still glued to their tiles and chips. Mmm…not very convincing hor… And Elkan was of course, asleep.

It was quite a dramatic 1st hour. Things got worse when Tracy and I had a silly fight over spilled water. Long story…but here was the ending shot last night – I drenched myself in hot water (from neck to ass)…at 1am. I kinda gave myself a stupid-looking water parade… and wet the whole dinner room. Tracy went back to her room, Felicia mopped the floor dry and I went back to my computer. (wow…quite stupid last night).

This morning, Elkan woke me up with his chirpy greetings!  He actually sang me a "happy birthday" song! (consider that is the first birthday song from him). In fact, Elkan has been waking me up with surprising wake-up calls recently. Just yesterday, he shook me awake and recited "Z to A" at such alarming speed that I looked at him blankly in awe. Apparently, he taught himself that and we were very very impressed. (Bet many of us can’t do that)

Johnny, Joanne, Tracy and Felicia have left me presents since last week. I haven’t open them…waiting for the last hour tonight. (My fingers have been so itchy to strip them since last week!)

My phone had been ringing since last night (with sms + calls from all my friends, colleagues and families) – starting with Joanne, Scott, Yei, My Mother, Aunty Amy, Leon, Bishan, Yifu, Jimmy, Alicia, Duuk, Juliana, Meijie, Kalinda, Stephanie, Yixi, James (BAT), Sandy (BAT) and Calvin (Ogilvy).

The weather looks really bad today – gloomy, dim, wet and hazy (looks like a storm is brewing). Really ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon nap.

Like previous years, I am contemplating to buy myself something nice for my birthday. (I bought a JVC Speaker in 2006 and Xbox in 2007 for myself). Guess what I got myself this year? Meijie called me at PC Show just 2 hours ago and I told him to get me a 8G Titanium Cruzer. (I have been looking for it since May).

Johnny and Ming joined us at my favorite restaurant at Jin Mao. It was foggy and drizzling. Quite a cool peaceful and nice. We actually wanted to go for dessert but it was still pouring (and the wind was big). Thus, I decided to call it a day and go home.
Surprise, surprise. Just 1 hour after we split, someone rang the doorbell. It was "Ah Yue" (my food delivery friend). I opened the door and asked why he was here. He wished me "happy birthday" and took out 2 bottles of wine and some pizzas (more food???) from his bag. I was really surprised. And 2 minutes later, Johnny and Ming re-appeared with a bouquet of sun flowers at my door! (Haaaa…so it is party number II).

We served the wine and had more food. The wine was so strong that it knocked out Johnny and Tracy.

Elkan was pretty upset and got jealous today. He thought it is his birthday today. He got pretty emotionally when I opened up all the presents – he actually wanted the gifts. Very naughty boy indeed.

All the gifts are really meaningful. I got my long-awaited fountain pen and favorite crystal from Felicia. Tracy (who planned for all the surprise today) got me a iPhone Mic for my phone. Joanne got me a beautiful wallet with a very sweet greeting card (on a old "bird series" SGD$20 old note!). And Johnny and Ming seems to know my desire and bought me my favorite vintage robot.

This may be my last birthda
y celebration in Shanghai. With only 15 more days to go, I will be packing for a new island life in Hong Kong. (Oh yes, I just booked and confirmed my new beautiful HK home! Wonder who is my 1st visitor there…)

Joe, joe, you are indeed a blessed man with so many good friends. 🙂

Heee…(shy, shy) – I have a very very good birthday.

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