Happy Father’s Day

I was away in Hong Kong the last 4 days. Felicia and Elkan did this Father’s Day e-greeting card for me. (Feli took the photos and Elkan wrote these words in Photoshop using a mouse). Gone are the crayons and pencils – yet this e-card didn’t lose its personal touch. It captured a priceless and timeless expressions of my boy and his pixelated handwriting. Quite impressive, I thought. (Details: Elkan only writes Daddy ending with a curvy "y")

The concept of being a father slowly gets into my head. All the while, I thought Elkan was a new member of the family. So cute, so adorable and so vulnerable. He has replaced many loved ones in my heart – that including my own Xbox and toys. He is the greatest test of my patience and also the reason behind many of my decisions. Not bad for a 3.5 year-old child – who is able to influence many around him.

I never recalled any drawing I rendered for my own dad for father’s day. Mmmm, I don’t even remember seeing my dad keeping any handmade father’s day gift from me. But fatherhood enlightened me a lot about my own relationship with my dad. I learnt to appreciate him so much more than ever. To be mushy, my father played such an important role in my life – he transformed me into a creative person.

With humble pay and a normal job, he endured the expensive fee to ensure I completed 6 years of private art classes (from aged 6-13). Of course, in return, I did him proud when I won my first 1st-prize trophy when I was only 9. He laid strong a significant foundation in me – that art background allows me to pursue my creative career until today.

When I look at my little boy, I wondered "what man will I be making out of you?" I have no answer or any expectation. Is a man’s path pre-determined by destiny or can be inspired by his own father? What do I see from that little cute eyes of Elkan?

Perhaps this poem (which I read it somewhere) best describes my feelings right now.

"I shan’t walk in front of you, cos’ I want you to seek your own path.
I shan’t walk behind you, cos’ I do not wish to be your burden.
I shall walk along with you, so we can accompany and take care of one another."

Happy Father’s Day to all.

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