Happy 6th Batday!

Time flies, Elkan turns 6 today! My little prankster spent most of his childhood overseas with us. The last time he celebrated his birthday in Singapore was when he was one and two. He spent his next 4 birthdays in Hong Kong. Surprisingly, none in Shanghai. (Just realised we didn’t get him any cake on his 3rd birthday. It was a hush-hush 2-day trip in Hong Kong (with Kalinda) back in 2007.) Elkan’s childhood has been blessed with the finest! Despite being away from his loved ones in Singapore, he has many “uncles and aunties” pampering him in Hong Kong. Indeed, my boy had a marvelous childhood.

Elkan was very sad yesterday when he found out that Hongfei and family won’t be here for his birthday this year. Harshad and Tracy really love him. Since we banned all toys and games presents for Elkan, the duo organised a very special weekend activities for our little birthday boy. Felicia too, planned his “birthday suit” and “cake” weeks ago. Elkan was Indiana Jones last year and this year, he was crazy about superheroes (Iron-man, Ben10 and Batman). Mum decided to dress him up as a Dark Knight.

Last evening, Tracy organised an eerie night tour at the Haunted Ocean Park. Elkan-turned-BFatman roamed the Haunted Ocean Park with fear and tears! Later the night, we celebrated his birthday at our usual Karaoke Lounge till 3am! Thanks to Felicia and Tracy, Elkan had a very special “spark-tacular” cake! Zeph and Harshad played his favorite dance videos, he went wild and crazy! (Check out his topless act above!)

This afternoon, we headed out to Cirque du Soleil “Zaia” at Macao Venetian. The adults were more excited than the birthday boy. This is my second circus show. (I vaguely remember my first circus encounter!) Guess what? We were seated right at the first row and we were very very close to the stage and the performers. At the beginning of the show, Elkan was “body-searched” and “fed” popcorn by one of the lead characters! We love the 1.5 hour show, it is very very beautiful! (I have never seen anything like this before!) In my opinion, it was close to perfection! The music, the settings, the enchanting stage-play, the gravity-defying stunts and the colourful costumes – it is an incredible eye-opener experience for all of us! Simply Magical!!! (Thanks Harshad for the expensive memento Zaia presents!)

Thanks for spoiling my little prankster. This is his best birthday ever!

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